DSTAR information For information of recent activity and D-STAR repeaters Map of D_STAR users D-STAR gateway map D-STAR gateway recent activity map

DSTAR user groups Le site de l'association D-STAR Montreal Alabama D-STAR group D-STAR France

Manufacturers Icom Canada Icom America Icom UK's D-STAR site
D-Star Programming G uide (pdf file) A good guide on programming
D-STAR Radios and Operation Basics (pdf file) A good tutorial
D-Star Disaster Communications (pdf file) A guide on how D-STAR can be used in emergency communications
D-Star Routing Explained (pdf file) The title says it all! Icom America's support forum. Good focus on D-STAR. If you have technical problems look here first.
Kenwood TMW-706 Press release Kenwoods first D-STAR transceiver (in Japanese)

Blogs VA3STL's Weblog With Varying Frequency - Amateur Radio Ponderings by Steve K9ZW

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