This wiki was created by the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group (OARDG) to help new users to the D-STAR radio system and the D-STAR repeater VA3ODG. Although, some of the information is specific to the Ottawa, and surrounding Eastern Ontario region, much of what is contained in these pages will be of use to other D-STAR users.

The idea behind the wiki was to produce an online handbook of material to get new D-STAR users up and running quickly, as well as a way to share information and tips about the D-STAR, the repeater VA3ODG and D-STAR radios.

Who can contribute?

The ability to edit pages will be restricted to members of the OARDG yahoo group. Any group member can apply to this site's administrator for editing access permission. If you do not have editing rights and want to point out a correction or request an addition, either contact the site administrator or use the forum (to be added).

All material present here uses a Creative Commons license and you must not use any copyrighted material, unless you have permission. Please attribute the source to the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group or the specified contributor.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.